Let's Vapid!

The first Pinstripe Mind album from Tony Stanfa, entirely concieved and recorded in a few lightning-round brainstorm sessions of four to seven songs each. Some amazing lyrics jotted down literally in seconds that have singed my brain for eternity! Thanks to Andy remastering this and the others which will appear here eventually.

Let's Vapid!


XIFFER - Dormant

While Andrew's hard drive is at my disposal, we might as well have at the most recent Xiffer album, Dormant. Originally intended to be a 3"cdr but after waiting around for some minidiscs to fall into his lap there were already enough songs for a full length. This has some of the funkiest moments of all Xiffer in my opinion, also some of the most patiently experimental. Enjoy.

d o r m a n t


I don't remember who originally came up with the idea for this compilation, but it was probably inevitable as it seemed like everyone in DeKalb and their mother had an organ or two of some sort lying around. Here be fourteen songs recorded on all manner of electric, air and otherwise organs from 2004. Rank literalits amongst you will note the lack of an actual organ on the cover. Oh well.

let's get organized

1. Mayflower - Spitoon Moon
2. Icarus Syndrome - Lizard Breath
3. XXXperience - Pussy Lickin
4. Coin Operated - Mambo In Space
5. Justin Bailey - My Heart Is An Or
6. Short Circuit - Climbing Stairs
7. The Variable Why - Shadow Lines
8. Coin Operated - Garage Sale Reed
9. Gaslight Gaslight - Opening Organ
10. Hand Me Down Satellites - Safe Handling
11. E - Tiddlywinks
12. The Variable Why - Lull
13. Flesh And Stuff - Yellow Jacket
14. Handmedown Satellites - Scattered Lights



I haven't had any internet for the last week or so, hence the lack of posts. Hopefully I'll be back soon though.