New blog of occasional vinyl rips

Not that the world necessarily needed another irregularly updated music blog, but I've been having fun lately ripping some records to ye olde storage device, and you know, it was just inevitable really. It's mostly gonna be a hodgepodge of 7 inches and ep's for now(aka easy to scan) but I'll get some long players up there before long.

Sorry 'bout the name, it was just one of those juvenile whims...

Any would-be contributors/collaborators out there? Let me know!


Pregnant Cheerleaders EP

I'm sure anyone who even knows about this already has a copy, thanks to Joe Robinson's ever-present free CD tray, but figured that number of people is relatively small, er, cosmically. And besides I've always been fond of this rockin' one-off. Love the good cop-bad cop guitars and slip n' slide drums.

impregnate yourself


Bicycle Day & Friends - DEstructoKALB: August 10, 2002

Sorry for the wait on this one, which I've been promising to get up here for ages. I know I had some weird technical reason for stalling but don't remember what that would be as it was 99% ready to post the whole time. My apologies! Especially to Gabe.

Anyway here we have a cassette documenting frenzied communal extrapolation upon Bicycle Day's song "Destructo Ray" from the end of a show on August 10, 2002 at the Brain Basement (variously known as Seventh Heaven Sky Lounge, Seven Dead Arson, The Rodeo, Studio B, and lord knows what else throughout the epochs). Friends of the band were encouraged to set up their amps & guitars all over the place and wail away, instruments were swapped from band to audience members mid-song, and general insanity prevailed for about 30 minutes of proto-Slutwashian ear-mangling bliss.

In addition to the tape rip, as a bonus I've also posted a separate file with Bob Aspatore's original digital recording of the complete Bicycle Day set from that evening, up to and including "Destructo Ray" without the track separation of the cassette, naturally. Thanks Bob!

DEstructoKALB cassette rip

Bicycle Day Live August 10, 2002 complete live recording


*e* - Zipidee!

From zee liners:

Hi Everyone!

This album is a diary of parties, loud noises, songs and samplings from 2004-2006 all stemming from many great years in DeKalb, IL & whereabouts.

Emily's fantastic organ, I must say, played a large role. Thanks to all!