Pregnant Cheerleaders EP

I'm sure anyone who even knows about this already has a copy, thanks to Joe Robinson's ever-present free CD tray, but figured that number of people is relatively small, er, cosmically. And besides I've always been fond of this rockin' one-off. Love the good cop-bad cop guitars and slip n' slide drums.

impregnate yourself

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lil' treasure. I think its even better in it's entirety - I just love how it plays thru. Its like i dunno, uh... quaint or something. Anyways, I reaally like it!

If anyone's reading this, I'll probably see you at the 7th St. Space Saturday. Good Old Fashioned Sinners! Granted there's no car trouble or earthquakes, I'll be recording whatever goes down.

Thanks again for the tunes, I'll make sure to have something to share soon!