Bicycle Day & Friends - DEstructoKALB: August 10, 2002

Sorry for the wait on this one, which I've been promising to get up here for ages. I know I had some weird technical reason for stalling but don't remember what that would be as it was 99% ready to post the whole time. My apologies! Especially to Gabe.

Anyway here we have a cassette documenting frenzied communal extrapolation upon Bicycle Day's song "Destructo Ray" from the end of a show on August 10, 2002 at the Brain Basement (variously known as Seventh Heaven Sky Lounge, Seven Dead Arson, The Rodeo, Studio B, and lord knows what else throughout the epochs). Friends of the band were encouraged to set up their amps & guitars all over the place and wail away, instruments were swapped from band to audience members mid-song, and general insanity prevailed for about 30 minutes of proto-Slutwashian ear-mangling bliss.

In addition to the tape rip, as a bonus I've also posted a separate file with Bob Aspatore's original digital recording of the complete Bicycle Day set from that evening, up to and including "Destructo Ray" without the track separation of the cassette, naturally. Thanks Bob!

DEstructoKALB cassette rip

Bicycle Day Live August 10, 2002 complete live recording


g_jam said...

Wow, at long last! Mark, thanks so much! I don't even remember how I first heard that this recording existed, but I've been curious about it ever since. I'm downloading these now and can't wait to give them a listen. Thanks again for sharing all this great, otherwise unobtainable stuff, and please keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Wooo Hoooo!!! Thanks for the post, I just rediscovered Bicycle Day, and look forward to hearing some live stuff!!!


John Benson said...

i found this in the trash on john st one day!