Handmedown Satellites - Skeletons

Brand-new HMDS thinger, recorded over the last month or so...



Paul's Sad Bastard Chicken Coop, Inc. - Kick It! The Kickball Album

Hell, yes. A sweet treat from my friend Paul Nixon, who kindly supplied the following information:

Two summers ago I made a kickball album called "Kick It!" which ended up being the last thing that Paul's Sad Bastard Chicken Coop, Inc. would record.

It's the truest Bad On Purpose side-project there is. It was the formula for Bad On Purpose: 1. Write a song title, 2. Press record, 3. Repeat, 4. Repeat.

At 10am I had 9 song titles (one for each inning) and by 3pm I had 9 songs written, recorded, mixed and burned to CD-R.

So, thanks to some Casio magic, some stolen Beastie Boys samples and
Tommy Lasorda samples, and special guest Pat kicking out some old school
rhymes, the resulting album was possible.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1st Inning: Kick It!
2nd Inning: Christ Punchers Are Go!
3rd Inning: Kickball Love
4th Inning: Fuck Orange
5th Inning: Shake It Off
6th Inning: Hep Cove
7th Inning: 7th Inning Shotgun
8th Inning: Livin' The Dream
9th Inning: Play Of The Day

Though one song was used in the trailer for the documentary about our league, "Left Field", the scene in the movie that used the song ended up on the cutting room floor.

It's not that good, but it is sort of funny with the right kind of ears.

I made 5-10 copies and distributed them anonymously at kickball games. Like, "here, have this cd". I was hoping it would become this legendary thing and everyone would wonder who did it and then the rumors would start. "I heard he is hung like an ox!", "I heard aliens made it", "I heard he is hung like an alien!", etc.

Then, one Sunday afternoon, a cute girl in kickball shorts would walk up to me, say "I know it was you. I want you to be my husband." and that would be the story of me.

Not the case.

Kick It!


*e* - You Are A Brilliant Flower That Ever Blooms

Elizabeth Hill's second collection of solo recordings. So so good.

my copy had harsh glitchery all over "Meadow Experience" but luckily that track was thrown up here all nice & clean, so I just replaced it.

Brilliant Flower


Paul Yarn Bunkbeds - Poison Socks

An absolute joy, I tell you. Forty little gems of homespun silliness & wonderment.

Poison Socks


Dan Monaghan - An Ideas cd-r

Yes, this is the blog where "tomorrow" often means "two and a half months from now" or perhaps more!

No real excuses for the absence this time, just the ever-fluctuating motivation levels, I s'pose.

Suddenly I feel like posting again, so for starters please enjoy these gorgeous home recordings by Dan Monaghan, who is/was also in Ears & Eyes. The very kind sort of sound travels that keep me coming back in the wee hours. Bleary-eyed, echo-splashed instrumentals not unlike early Flying Saucer Attack to my ears.

An Ideas


Della Drive & The Dellettes - Live at the Treetop

Many thanks to Paul for this Dellettes set from a Halloween party, 2006. Treetop R.I.P.



DeKalb Smells! - Scratch And Sniff Records Compilation cd-r

It really does!

1. Little Headhunter - French Fries
2. Fusco - Gus
3. Pinstripe Mind - (C)old War Fight Song
4. Icarus Syndrome - Erica
5. Della Drive - Cheeseburger Samba
6. Shuffleplay & The Mutations - Potential Energy
7. Justin Bailey - Comfort Rock
8. Handmedown Satellites - You Were Sleeping
9. Horseparts - Breadwinner
10. Window Well - Rain On Parade
11. Candy Sweat - Paperweight
12. Crusher - A British Mile
13. Coin Operated - Slattyak!
14. The Variable Why - I HATE My Computer
15. Things Falling Apart - He Is Cured By Faith Who Is Sick Of Fate
16. Gaslight Gaslight - Untitled
17. Secret People - Battle Of The Clones
18. Hilo - I Got Convoy


Fusco - Fusco EP

I recall stopping in at 7th Street Space one night to find Paul Kim, arms and torso completely wrapped in some sort of packing tape by mischievous, whiskey-drunk bandmates, still managing to successfully record a guitar solo for one of the songs on this EP.



Treefrogs - Front Porch Songs C-24

Title says it all, yes?



Della Drive - Maywood Junk EP

Sweet and sun-soaked EP from the short lived but super-fun first Della Drive band, country stylee.

Maywood Junk


Lonely Trailer - I Know What I'm Doing, But You Don't Think So

Amidst all the early-oughts DeKalbiana saturating most recent posts I'd almost forgotten my other semi-conscious agenda for this blog, that being to share a certain amount of under-appreciated music from the collection, especially some hard-to-find tapes.

Lonely Trailer is a Champaign-Urbana band that existed from roughly 1987 to 1996. I started my relentless stalking of the C-U scene just a hair too late, and regret having never gotten to see them to this day. This might be my favorite album of theirs and has alot of great songs that can't be found on the 2 CD retrospective on Mud records.

This post also must be considered topical (cringe) as these guys have regrouped and are playing tomorrow night in Champaign, alongside The Poster Children and The Outnumbered, with, no lie, an after-party set by Bad Flannel, if that means anything to you. A show I would give three of my littler toes without hesitation to be able to attend! Brokeassedness and mandatory weekend shifts be damned. Instead I've found some consolation ripping this crazy tape and listening to Rick and Rose's podcast about the event with some insightful C-U music history.

I Know What I'm Doing But You Don't Think So


Hilo - Hilo EP plus Live Assortment

Hilo EP

NB: The original cassette copies of the EP featured a particular live version of "Expungents & Leeches/The Witch" (and sometimes other bonus tracks, varying from copy to copy) that i have been unable to track down. (5/24/02, Attic, anyone?) However, the Prodigal Son version of same is almost as sick if not more so, which of brings us to...

Hilo - Live Assortment

For your amusement, a collection culled from handheld-recorded tapes of two different shows. Desptite my efforts these tracks still ended up incurably loud and of course shitty-sounding, (not that i hold much beef with either attribute, but think of the children!) so I would advise adjusting the volume and levels as needed or desired.

1. Starfruit
2. Should I Call You Zeromus?
3. Saturated
4. Adult Swimmers
5. It's
6. Rob Saves Christmas
7. Magic Bullet
8. Hilo Fanfare
9. I'm An Apostrophe

10. Demographically Yours
11. Mint Soda/Tsunami Wave Train
12. Expungents & Leeches/The Witch
13. I Got Convoy

1-9 recorded at the Brain Basement, DeKalb 6/28/2002 by Elizabeth Hill
10-13 recorded at the Prodigal Son, Chicago 9/02/2002 by Paul Kim


Coin Operated - Memory Anatomy

Sprawling and taken-altogether badassical laundromat sampler wash-o-rama from Mr. Dotson, circa 2003. You can also get it at his site (at a less bombastic bitrate) with plenty other recordings of interest.



Metroids - Tractor Beams EP

You can get this over at Gary Butterfield's Dinocast (along with TONS of other Metroids & related media) but this has been on rotation of late, plus I've always enjoyed the cover, so I wanted throw it up here, too.



Pinstripe Mind - The Girls Of Sweden CS

Yessss, so happy to finally have this here. 2nd batch of Tony Stanfa awesomeness, recorded in early 2001 (jeezus, really?) and kindly remastered by Andy Herald sometime last year.

Euphoria now


Handmedown Satellites - Bedsores An Audiodrama CS

Hissss-drenched basement drums & ancient air organ songs from late 2003.
Absolutely indecipherable lyric sheet included for laffs.



Xiffer - Vim

An earlier Xiffer favourite.



The Variable Why - Oktobrrpheskt

At last, we have the spoils of Nick Sherman's song-a-day recording odyssey circa October 2006. During that month, as well as February 2007, several Scratchers and Sniffers endeavored to record one song per day every day for an entire month. Thus, an insane but worthwhile exercise in recording mania was shared by all. I'll be putting up as many of the resulting gems as I can over the next few weeks.

Oktobrrpheskt's 20 songs are split up over three EP's: "A", "B", and "S". The three covers submitted weren't designated to a specific recording and thus would seem to function interchangeably or cumulatively, whichever you'd prefer.

Okay? G'wan and get it here

Velociraptors - Velociraptor Park

watch out


Gnome Exit

Gnome Exit

Napoleon Blownapart - Draft Day 3" cd-r

Neither of us have the art for this anymore but I'm posting it anyway. An odd 'lil thinger recorded half live, half phoning-it-in piecemeal style.

Draft Day

King Tut's Doom - Drool EP

Awesome bonus mini-mini-mini EP from Mr. Miller. The back says it was recorded in 2007 in 5 hours. I would just love to hear this on a 7" record, wouldn't you?



Rad 7 song CD-r from 2006. Hilarious cover art by Andrew Clayton.


actual posts forthcoming!

Holy crap, howdy y'all. it's been almost 5 months since I threw anything up here. I've had numerous technical difficulties recently but now that my computer has been nursed to a state of near health I plan to get everything posted that I've been meaning to, fix any dead links and then finally move on to my other as-of-yet theoretical blog. It's gonna be all mixes all the time (I think), and I'd love to have other contributors on board, so please get in touch if interested.

So anyway, if it behooves you to do so, watch this space in the next few days. Shit's gonna actually probably hopefully drop, I swear.


Gaslight Gaslight - Human Check CS

Three days off work in a row--time to throw up some sweet noise tapes I've been meaning to get around to. Here's wishing a happy (belated) birthday to Robert with my personal favorite Gaslight Gaslight jam.

If anyone can scan the hand-melted and painted bubble wrap case this thing came in, let me know. I have no idea what happened to mine.

play loud