*e* - You Are A Brilliant Flower That Ever Blooms

Elizabeth Hill's second collection of solo recordings. So so good.

my copy had harsh glitchery all over "Meadow Experience" but luckily that track was thrown up here all nice & clean, so I just replaced it.

Brilliant Flower


Gabe said...

Oh, hooray! Great to see the artwork for this.

zach said...

one of my fav scratch and sniffs

Grimes said...

Elizabeth, hands down one of the best musicians I've ever taken the stage with. Same goes for Mark and Andy as well. I still get a little giddy just thinking about the Handmedown Satellites shows we played together. I believe this album came with some different art work at various times of issue. In hind site though it's all rather similiar.

pyrolysebred said...

Interesting set of home recordings, this is the kind of music that I like :) Do you have any more info on *e* or Elizabeth Hill? A Google search didn't yield anything :(

Thanks for linking to my blog btw :)

thejurd said...

Elizabeth Hill or *e* truly is one of the most talented and charming musicians I've had the pleasure to hear. From this release to her roles in Bicycle Day or The Oracles, every time I her her singing it's still as angelic and refreshing as the first time I heard it.

I've recently had the pleasure of recording a few of her songs here in Chicago with Nick Sherman and Matt Wenzel, another two fabulous folks! I'm really looking forward to finishing this project with them in the weeks to come, and will find a way that it makes it onto this blog!

I'm glad I stumbled upon this great blog and forum (mind you without Google StumbleUpon, I'm not there yet...). I've been in love with these Scratch and Sniff Bands and related artists for a few years, and saw a few of the shows in DeKalb about 3 years ago. I've managed to hold on to the tapes and CD's I'd collected, but in a good way, they always left me wanting more!!


Mark said...


No problem, I was quite happy to discover your blog and the many obscure pop treasures therein.

Hmm, what can i tell you. *E* is my hero, superfriend and current Chicago resident Elizabeth Hill. In addition to this cdr, there are two other homemade collections (Zip-a-dee and a tape i can't remember the name of right now). She's also been in several wonderful bands over the last decade or so, most based in DeKalb, IL. Alot of them can be found on this blog. Check out Candy Sweat, Fusco, Bicycle Day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mark said...

Thanks for your sweet testifyin', Sir Jurd.

I can't wait to hear those recordings!!!

i beseech you
alms for the poor, etc:

fathercannotyell at gmail dot com

thejurd said...

Thanks again ya'll! I've been looking for somewhere to listen to all this stuff, and glad to know others are tapping into this well, as well! Expect an email from me about the new stuff!

pyrolysebred said...

Thanks for all the info, I'm downloading Candy Sweat right now. The Fusco and Bicycle Day links aren't working though :(

pyrolysebred said...

Nevermind what I said about the non-working links, I found the posts :) Thanks for the music.