Paul's Sad Bastard Chicken Coop, Inc. - Kick It! The Kickball Album

Hell, yes. A sweet treat from my friend Paul Nixon, who kindly supplied the following information:

Two summers ago I made a kickball album called "Kick It!" which ended up being the last thing that Paul's Sad Bastard Chicken Coop, Inc. would record.

It's the truest Bad On Purpose side-project there is. It was the formula for Bad On Purpose: 1. Write a song title, 2. Press record, 3. Repeat, 4. Repeat.

At 10am I had 9 song titles (one for each inning) and by 3pm I had 9 songs written, recorded, mixed and burned to CD-R.

So, thanks to some Casio magic, some stolen Beastie Boys samples and
Tommy Lasorda samples, and special guest Pat kicking out some old school
rhymes, the resulting album was possible.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1st Inning: Kick It!
2nd Inning: Christ Punchers Are Go!
3rd Inning: Kickball Love
4th Inning: Fuck Orange
5th Inning: Shake It Off
6th Inning: Hep Cove
7th Inning: 7th Inning Shotgun
8th Inning: Livin' The Dream
9th Inning: Play Of The Day

Though one song was used in the trailer for the documentary about our league, "Left Field", the scene in the movie that used the song ended up on the cutting room floor.

It's not that good, but it is sort of funny with the right kind of ears.

I made 5-10 copies and distributed them anonymously at kickball games. Like, "here, have this cd". I was hoping it would become this legendary thing and everyone would wonder who did it and then the rumors would start. "I heard he is hung like an ox!", "I heard aliens made it", "I heard he is hung like an alien!", etc.

Then, one Sunday afternoon, a cute girl in kickball shorts would walk up to me, say "I know it was you. I want you to be my husband." and that would be the story of me.

Not the case.

Kick It!

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