Veterans Of Flight


If anyone has any later VoF material(live or otherwise-I seem to recall hearing about some further recordings but never heard 'em) please contact me. Thanks!



24 hour recording marathon! (NEW LINK 2/23/12)

1. Rubber Dolly
2. Ballad Of The Death
3. Continuendo
4. Slash Chest Hair Boogie Woogie
5. Axl Rose
6. Sinking Of The Virgin Lady Mallory
7. End All


Comfort Rock! (c-24)

Yes, I'm still stalling for scans, so here is the first of a few things that had no cover art to begin with, at least not that I ever knew of. Actually, this Justin Bailey cassette from 2003 did have a handwritten track list. The rips are admittedly a little lumpy but I did what i could. Adjust the volume as needed and have fun.

Comfort Rock!