24 hour recording marathon! (NEW LINK 2/23/12)

1. Rubber Dolly
2. Ballad Of The Death
3. Continuendo
4. Slash Chest Hair Boogie Woogie
5. Axl Rose
6. Sinking Of The Virgin Lady Mallory
7. End All


zach said...

one of my favorite scratch and sniffs!

g_jam said...

YAY! thanks so much!

g_jam said...

Ballad Of The Death is unbelievable. Thanks again for this awesome set.

Natasha Ryan said...

please send me ballad of death or tell me where or who to find ittttt!! my ipod that i had since 2005 in dekalb just died on me and i no longer have it! natasha.postpilsen@gmail.com