The Variable Why - "Hazard" and "00000011" EPs

A great pair of early Scratch n' Sniff EPs from the Honorary Mayor of DeKalb, Nick Sherman. Will there ever be more?

"00000011" cassette ep

1. Gaurd of Grace
2. Elodium
3. I Love My Computer

"Hazard" cdep

1. Did You Notice I Was Here
2. I Write Terrible Songs
3. The Electrical Storm

The Variable Why


Napoleon Blownapart "Rites Of Passage" C-24

First NBA tape, recorded from July-September of 2006 most likely whilst drinking Hamms...uh I don't think we ever decided what label this came out on.

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Coin Operated 3.30.00

Wheee! I nearly splattered my brains today drinking too much coffee while listening to this rad Coin Operated set, our first plunder of what promises to be many from the Bob Aspatore archives...thanks Bob!

Recorded live at Sycamore Theatre on March 30, 2000.

Coin Operated = Matt Dotson on all instruments, sampling and mixing.

The Coin Op website seems to be down at the moment, but check out this slightly dated bio and an interview.


somethin' different

Got home from work with a few random notions of what I would post today, but then found a fix of calm and delight in listening to some handheld tape-recordings of Guatemalan street musicians, as compiled by my friend Bryan Preston (with a mic-cord up his sleeve, as ever) during a brief stay in 2002. Obviously these were made for his own enjoyment and to share with a few interested/expectant friends, and certainly not as any sort of serious ethnomusicalogical whatever undertaking. That said, I find that Bryan's insightful-in-earnest accompanying notes (as will follow this here blather) and the open-air panorama of comfortably unaffected sounds make this as transportative and engrossing to me as anything found smouldering on the shelves of the meticulously annotated and everneglected field recordings at yer local library (if you're lucky, that is).

Street Musicians of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

I recorded these preformers in Guatemala in February and March, 2002. I used a handheld tape recorder which i concealed in my jacket; I ran the microphone cord through my sleeve and held the thimble-size mic between my fingers. I was too embarrassed to approach the performers with my faulty Spanish, but I regret that I did not even try. And the performers I saw in Quetzaltenango may not have spoken Spanish as their first language anyway, as they appeared to have been visiting the city from the countryside. Just a scant generation ago, government death squads roamed this same countryside.

The Sound quality is criminally low.

These are devoted musicians, they played for hours.

Compania J. Sanches Alonzo, Tracks 1-3

1 or 2 marimba players
2 tenor saxaphones
snare, cymbal (bass and toms were not played)
rec. 3 March 2002
These fellows played all day long during a Sunday market at Parque Central, Quetzaltenango; the group was 3 younger guys, 2 middle aged. the sax players sound as if they haven't matched pitch in years. Perhaps the reeds they were using were inherited from their grandparents. The instruments were ragtag & battle-worn, as was the music. In fact, the whole situation seemed to be crumbling, but long ago they had accepted this condition as they did their lack of matching intonation. Only thusly could they so comfortably sound so alien.

family, tracks 4-10

2-stringed guitarron
rec. 4 March 2002
They played and sang all afternoon at Parque Central, Quetzaltenango. They appeared to be a family: father on guitar, 7(?) year-old son on guitarron, young teen daughter on maracas, all sang intermittently; the bystander mother occasionally sang while holding a young baby. Traffic sounds accompany this recording; observe how carhorn beeps provide a coincidental syncopated counterpoint to the music near the beginning of track 4. Birds and passersby provide atmosphere throughout. For me, this recording is a portrait of a musical family, essentially hillbillies in the eyes of the cityfolk, surrounded by encroaching and obnoxious urban life. Perhaps the hymns are derived from the activities of white missionaries, but re-interpreted, re-contextualized, etc. The strings of the guitarron looked as if they could have been shoelaces.

Alma Antiguena, track 11

5 guys on 1 marimba
string bass
trap set
rec. 10 Feb 2002
This track is the sound of a tourist marimba group playing outside a restaurant on a sidestreet off the main square of Antigua, Guatemala. They were all older men. A radio station in Quetzaltenango plays traditional-type marimba music for one hour every afternoon (music perhaps typified by Alma Antiguena, tidy, catchy and repetitive). The elder woman of the house in which I was staying seemed to enjoy it, But the younger people I talked to thought it was hokey. They listened to Pink Floyd, "More Than Words" by Extreme, and commercial rap.

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Down with the body, up with the soul

Icarus Syndrome "Duelling" C-20

1. My Parachute Is Pots And Pans
2. The Medication Fer Don Quixote Downbody Upsoul Blues In E

bonus - Days Of Rest

Definitely one of the hidden treasures of the Scratch and Sniff catalogue here. All sounds recorded by Andy Herald in 2003.

Handmedown Satellites - Clumps

This is the newest HMDS album, Clumps. Reposted for the approximately 5 people who see this that do not frequent the S&S message board, and to stall for time whilst lazily readying future jams, of which there should be several very soon.


Synthesized Livestock (new link)

Going waaay back to like 1996 here, when I ran the ill-advised Right On! Records cassette label out of me long-suffering mum's apartment. I'll grant that most of those 30 or so releases are better off buried deeply in some soft and wormy pocket of earth, but a few of them sporadically surface to spew their sweet pubescent poisons all over the place, and this would be one of them. Or part of one of them, actually. Here is one Ryan Simons' (aka Synthesized Livestock) offering from the "15 Minutes With You" 4-way split cassette which also featured Cecil Surreal, Satyriasis, and Jarbaby (the other sets from this tape might or might not be posted eventually, ransom payments pending.) Anyway, this is imaginative instrumental cheeserock that totally rules in the way that only genius homebodies with Korgs can, so give a listen, yes?

Fifteen Minutes

Treefrogs "Memnabep"

A warm and yummy batch o' tunes from this 24 minute cassette(some CD-Rs also exist) by Nate Schwerin.

Treefrogs - Memnabep



The third installment of live wavefile manipulations to tape by Tony Stanfa aka The Pinstripe Mind, just barely released on Rugburn sometime in 2004. B administers some VERY abrupt volume tweaking around 23:30, so just a heads up.



New Demons

Please shake your hinders to some juicy new cuts by Demons.

some notes cribbed from the clickety clack of Monsieur Kim:

1.) Hipnotize ~ i took the vocals from the hiddentrack of the heed the hydra candy sweat album and putsome music to it. most of the guitars are sampled from a howlin wolf song.

2.) Love Ain't Nothin' ~ this is a song that me and elena made through e-mails last month. she wrote and recorded the vocals in new york and e-mailed them to me. i took the vocals and put music to it. there area lot of samples in this one(little headhunter horns, coltrane bass, inkspots piano hits,etc)

3.) Feeling Good ~ i took some nina simone vocals from her song by the same title and put music to it.

Check in tomorrow for long lost headfuckers by LACK and Do Something Day.



Thanks Dean for loan of the scratchless copy of this!


Here's a pretty good idea. Ask your friends to each record a song, bring your Tascam and a sixer of PBR to their house or designated practice space, maybe help play on some of the tunes, and release the results. Curated, recorded and compiled by Thee Automatic Paul Kim in the fall of '05.

songs for the road and abode - a scratch and sniff records mix


C-47 on Rugburn Records that came with the 5th issue of my semi-defunct picture zine, Patter. Brings together the typical Rugburn cast with a bunch of semi-lost one off sessions and bands that never were. Only 30 copies I think.

flies in the mouth


Half-baked beans 'bout killin' me dead

Nothing ready just yet for posting so here's another stand alone nugget from the vizzaults. This is my pal Razorbeef Hill with her rabblerousin' reading of the traditional "Lewiston Factory Girls", as caught-wind-of from a Founders Library copy of Love Hell And Buscuits For Two Hundred Years by the amazing and sadly departed Hedy West. Recorded live at the 2004 Holloween Scrambler. Enjoy, and I'll be back with a first attempt at some kind of megapost tomorrow.