New Demons

Please shake your hinders to some juicy new cuts by Demons.

some notes cribbed from the clickety clack of Monsieur Kim:

1.) Hipnotize ~ i took the vocals from the hiddentrack of the heed the hydra candy sweat album and putsome music to it. most of the guitars are sampled from a howlin wolf song.

2.) Love Ain't Nothin' ~ this is a song that me and elena made through e-mails last month. she wrote and recorded the vocals in new york and e-mailed them to me. i took the vocals and put music to it. there area lot of samples in this one(little headhunter horns, coltrane bass, inkspots piano hits,etc)

3.) Feeling Good ~ i took some nina simone vocals from her song by the same title and put music to it.

Check in tomorrow for long lost headfuckers by LACK and Do Something Day.

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