Synthesized Livestock (new link)

Going waaay back to like 1996 here, when I ran the ill-advised Right On! Records cassette label out of me long-suffering mum's apartment. I'll grant that most of those 30 or so releases are better off buried deeply in some soft and wormy pocket of earth, but a few of them sporadically surface to spew their sweet pubescent poisons all over the place, and this would be one of them. Or part of one of them, actually. Here is one Ryan Simons' (aka Synthesized Livestock) offering from the "15 Minutes With You" 4-way split cassette which also featured Cecil Surreal, Satyriasis, and Jarbaby (the other sets from this tape might or might not be posted eventually, ransom payments pending.) Anyway, this is imaginative instrumental cheeserock that totally rules in the way that only genius homebodies with Korgs can, so give a listen, yes?

Fifteen Minutes


g_jam said...

This is rad!

Mark said...

hey, glad you liked it. there is a full c-60 of his stuff around here somewhere that i'll probably put up someday.