Handmedown Satellites - Two EP's Plus (new link)

Gonna start with 2 EP's and a couple of songs that had nowhere else to go at the time.

Bobagemma was recorded in spring and early summer of 2005. Only around 10 or 12 cassette copies were made before the original mixdown somehow got hopelessly wrapped up inside of itself. Two & a half years and several 4-track mishaps later (a theme we could be returning to often in these pages), I finally got around to remastering this bit of neo kraut cheese funk. 3 string banjo borrowed from Andy Herald. (Remember that name, kiddies! So much foreshadowing here)

The other EP is more recent(aww don't ask me when) and is a contribution to the taken-all-together LOONY 4 side split 2x C-34 on Green Tape. That was originally concieved to be an all solo songwriter type affair, and lord knows ah tried, but I wasn't catching the vibe so well then. Zippen even loaned me his 424 to record it and in his limitless benevolence did not dis-friend me when I turned in this Kraftwerk-goes-carnival (in yer dreams, pal) pile o' goo. Appearing here in slightly remixed, extended form. So many thanks to Zach!

The two Homeless tracks are from around the same time as the Greentape and both stem from some late late night "treated" guitar meanderings--okay, really just a broken hi-hat cymbal wedged in near the pickups. Hey, you gotta do something if you can't sleep, says newly christened blogger at 4:25am.

Thanks for reading and listening

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