Robot Monster - Giant's Day

This is Robot Monster's magnum opus(hahaha) concept album recorded July 21st, 2004, with roomies on tour and every inch of the 320 attic boobytrapped by all manner of broke-ass Rube Goldberg-like sound apparatus. Relates the tale of our well-meaning but ill-tempered hero Giant and his unfortunate proficiency with the metal tray. Or something like that. Of course his ass gets so owned by poisonous-flower-wielding plebs and now dutifully fertilizes 216 acres of lush Iklozhen green, with nary a marking or monument to this once-lumbering fellow in sight.


1. The Bitter North (Stentoip, Beloved Homeland)
2. Exiled And Sent Forth Nearly In Tears!
3. Assailed By Unwelcoming Townsfolk
4. Gray Insides Leaking Out
>5. Brandish The Metal Tray, Giant
6. A Most Terrible Temper Has Been Unleashed Today
7. Sickly Flower Stabs Giant In Heart
8. Lay His Bones In The Pastures Of Iklozhen

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