Napoleon Blownaparte - NO NUKESKI!

Sorry for the relative inactivity of late, but I should have a whole slew of semilost Scratch n' Sniff hodgepodgery up soon. In the meantime here's some more bent attic jams on this Rugburn cassette from NBA circa summer '06. Much more of a paranoid hippy drum circle sort of feel on this one.


1. Chromatic Box Infant
2. Gnawsome Ruffles
3. Blumpet Twerpy
4. A Better Bleat
5. Know Neuski
6. Krypto Killahs
7. Claws Have Claws Have Claws

8. Plum Drastica
9. Congolese Sweetheart
10. Berghoff By Proxy
11. Aaoowwww

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Grimes said...

I can now throw my cassette of this up on E-bay for big bucks.

Anonymous said...

I have two copies of this with different covers. If this is the same person I talked to awhile back, autumnalmanac@hotmail.com was the address, I was a guy who talked to you a little over a year ago. I was from a town called Paw Paw about 35 minutes from Dekalb. I was interested in more of your stuff. Got some to give? (tcollins@kishwaukeecollege.edu)