The Oracles "Optimus Grimes"

Here is the 2nd and last album by The Oracles. As far as I know it has still only been released on cassette, though a remastered version is said to be in the works. I'll swap links when the time comes, but this is really fantastic already and much deserving of your attention. The basic tracks were recorded at the tail end of their July 2005 tour in Dan Grimes' folks' garage in Cambridge, Wisconsin. The rest was added over the next year or so as time permitted.

The Oracles were:

Ryan TV Green - Drums
Elizabeth Hill - Bass
Andy Herald - Guitar
Nick Sherman - Guitar Trumpet and Casio
Nat Kundanis Grow - Guitar and Violin

everyone sang and probably did lots of other stuff too!

The Oracles - Optimus Grimes

1. Doracita
2. The Body Electric
3. Montana Monsoon
4, Elli
5. Dodododoooodo
6. Cassiasado
7. Run & Hide
8. Zool


zach said...

yes! i have been wanting to hear this for so long

g_jam said...

seconded! another album i had resigned myself to never hearing. this blog is doing the lord's work! a thousand thanks.

m james said...

Is there a place to get their first album?