Della Drive - "A History Of Cold Places" + "Odds And Ends" EPs (new links!)

Here are a couple of splendid early EPs from Paul Kim's always evolving Della Drive project. The first DD collection "Odds And Ends" is just that; some countryish pop tunes, some faintly psychedelic instrumentals, a couple of covers and more. The "History Of Cold Places" cassette was one of the first Rugburn Records releases and features imaginitive reworkings of some of Paul's favorite tunes by other DeKalb/Scratch and Sniff folk, circa 2003. A sweet tribute and yet another PK mini-classic.

Odds And Ends cdr

1. Tired In The Head
2. Late Night Shuttle
3. After Dark
4. Sleepy Eyed Beauty
5. The Morning Sun
6. I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome (Bill Monroe Cover)
7. Lets Move To The Country (Smog Cover)
8. Shimmering
9. Good As Gold

A History Of Cold Places C-24

1. I Felt The Pull (written by Jarbaby)
2. Pretty Kitties (written by Elizabeth Hill)
3. Gaurd Of Grace (written by The Variable Why)
4. Coughs And Colds (written by Justin Bailey)
5. The Little Headhunter (written by Little Headhunter)
6. Birds (written by The Icarus Syndrome)
7. The Emerald City (written by Della Drive)

Thanks to Paul for the "History" scans (and music of course) and to Ryan for the yet-more scans!


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links no longer active. any way to get this again? ):

Mark said...

it's fixed now.

thanks for the heads up!

matthewevert said...

hey mark. this is matt. first time ive ever been here. im bursting! i was interested in listening to some early DD. these links weren't working. thanks hope to see you sooon!