Lonely Trailer - I Know What I'm Doing, But You Don't Think So

Amidst all the early-oughts DeKalbiana saturating most recent posts I'd almost forgotten my other semi-conscious agenda for this blog, that being to share a certain amount of under-appreciated music from the collection, especially some hard-to-find tapes.

Lonely Trailer is a Champaign-Urbana band that existed from roughly 1987 to 1996. I started my relentless stalking of the C-U scene just a hair too late, and regret having never gotten to see them to this day. This might be my favorite album of theirs and has alot of great songs that can't be found on the 2 CD retrospective on Mud records.

This post also must be considered topical (cringe) as these guys have regrouped and are playing tomorrow night in Champaign, alongside The Poster Children and The Outnumbered, with, no lie, an after-party set by Bad Flannel, if that means anything to you. A show I would give three of my littler toes without hesitation to be able to attend! Brokeassedness and mandatory weekend shifts be damned. Instead I've found some consolation ripping this crazy tape and listening to Rick and Rose's podcast about the event with some insightful C-U music history.

I Know What I'm Doing But You Don't Think So


Anonymous said...

I attended the big reunion show. The Lonely Trailer live set was absolutely fantastic. The club was packed wall to wall and the fans went completely crazy during the set. It was one of the best musical experiences I've had in many years. The only song they played from this album was "Pull Me Over". Check out www.myspace.com/lonelytrailer. They posted a scan of their set list under the pics section.

Mark said...

Holy Moses, that's awesome!! Thanks for the report. I sure hope they continue playing.

Gordon said...

Sorry you couldn't make it. Please accept this paltry substitute in the stead of actual attendence at the show:

Mark said...

Great, thanks alot!