Pinstripe Mind - The Girls Of Sweden CS

Yessss, so happy to finally have this here. 2nd batch of Tony Stanfa awesomeness, recorded in early 2001 (jeezus, really?) and kindly remastered by Andy Herald sometime last year.

Euphoria now


Elsa Nekola said...

who was in this band?
i heard one song on the 2003 scratch and sniff comp, but after that, i never heard anything about them again.

Mark said...

pinstripe mind is the solo project of my friend tony stanfa. he had ALOT of free time when i met him, so from 2000-2001 we recorded four albums of tony's songs on my ancient 4 track cassette recorder, which really only had three working tracks. typically tony would jot down some lyrics really quickly, mess around on the keyboard for a few minutes, and then tell me when to start and stop recording, until we had all three tracks filled. 5 or 6 songs would be created from scratch in a two hour session, just insane bursts of creativity. the first album "let's vapid!" is also on this blog somewhere, and i'll definitely post the others eventually.

tony also played drums with me in the short-lived duo crusher.

Chris said...

I played in a band with a guy named Tony Stanfa for a while and I'm wondering if this is the same guy. He was from Bourbonnais originally. Lived down in Champaign-Urbana for a while. Same guy?

Mark said...

One and the same!

Chris said...

Tony was a freaking genius writer when I knew him and the work he did for us in Wreckless Pennsylvanians. I'm glad he's kept up with it. Thanks for the info!