Hilo - Hilo EP plus Live Assortment

Hilo EP

NB: The original cassette copies of the EP featured a particular live version of "Expungents & Leeches/The Witch" (and sometimes other bonus tracks, varying from copy to copy) that i have been unable to track down. (5/24/02, Attic, anyone?) However, the Prodigal Son version of same is almost as sick if not more so, which of brings us to...

Hilo - Live Assortment

For your amusement, a collection culled from handheld-recorded tapes of two different shows. Desptite my efforts these tracks still ended up incurably loud and of course shitty-sounding, (not that i hold much beef with either attribute, but think of the children!) so I would advise adjusting the volume and levels as needed or desired.

1. Starfruit
2. Should I Call You Zeromus?
3. Saturated
4. Adult Swimmers
5. It's
6. Rob Saves Christmas
7. Magic Bullet
8. Hilo Fanfare
9. I'm An Apostrophe

10. Demographically Yours
11. Mint Soda/Tsunami Wave Train
12. Expungents & Leeches/The Witch
13. I Got Convoy

1-9 recorded at the Brain Basement, DeKalb 6/28/2002 by Elizabeth Hill
10-13 recorded at the Prodigal Son, Chicago 9/02/2002 by Paul Kim


Anonymous said...

Let me look through my tapes. I might have another floating around somewhere that has "I Pulled Out the Motor Myself" on it"


Mark said...

Cool, let me know. It's on the 6/28 tape too but pretty darn mistake riddled so I passed. Same with the only performance of "Purple" and a few early things from reels that were waaay disintegrated (Penny Dreadful, Psycho Killer, that funny short thing with the keyboard drums?) Went through alot of audio for this, but this was more or less the best of what I found.

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear "saturated" !!